Sunday, 10 November 2013


Hello folks!
Well i am back again after a long spell of recovering from my surgery, and things are looking very good.
It has been a roller coaster year for me.
You may have noticed long spells of inactivity here on my Blog, and i have had a few inquiries as to why there has been so little from me in the way of cards etc.
(thank you for those who have asked about me on a personal level)
well! i guess i can now let you all know that i have been successfully treated for Lung Cancer.
I am one Lung less than the average person, but I am here to tell you about it.
I am still not ready to climb mount Everest, as it's only been 8 weeks since my surgery, and i am still very sore and still cannot drive and lift stuff etc, but i am getting there.
I get very tired and still need an afternoon nap which i think is due to the extra effort it takes to breath.
The weather is causing me a lot of extra problems too, the cold damp air and the wind makes breathing quite laboured, it literally takes my breath away.
I am on a heap of medication which probably adds to making me feel sleepy, but i need them all for the pain.
I have been getting back into making stuff again,  i felt like i had to do something or i would go crazy.
I have been doing a few little bits and bobs which i have listed on my Website poppyscabin
A few new experiments instead of just the usual cards, but something i enjoy doing as well which is sewing.
I have made a few little cards using fabric, and a few hearts, i hope you like them.

feel free to buy something if you
Hugs for now ((((Helena)))))

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Beautiful new Doilies in stock

Hi Folks!
just a quickie to let you know about the new Doilies i have in my shop.
I found a fab International company who had some amazing Doilies which i snapped up.
I have not seen so many wonderful and intricate designs, sizes and colours.
they are now available in both my eBay store and my Website.
here a few samples to temp your creative taste buds.

Flower basket Birthday Card

Good morning Folks!
Well today  i thought i would share a card which i was asked to make for a friend of mine.
I have used the SB rage of dies which i have recently purchased.
it took a while to make this one, as the lattice die was quite small so i had to carefully  put it into place several times to cut out a large 8" x 8" lattice center.
I enjoyed doing the flower arrangement, but the basket was also a poo to get done, using Raffia strips.
i am such a glutton for punishment, and decided to put tiny diamnond gems around the corners.
i thought the little Dragonflies was a nice addition too.
I forgot to take pictures of the inside before i gave it to the person it was for, but the inside was pink marble card with pink sentiment.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vintage Wedding day card

Hi Folks!
Here is a little card i made this week.
It's a 8" square Wedding card which i decided i wanted to experiment with, and use some of my beautiful new Doilies and Dies.
It is Layered with Ivory shimmer and gold mirri card, the top layer i used my beautiful new Doily called Reef (Available from my Website and my eBay store
It gives the appearance and texture of real lace, and i was pretty impressed with results.
The Doily is pretty tough and extremely durable, i used 3M glue spray on the reverse of the Doily and just stuck it down onto the card and wrapped the edges round the back.
I used my new Die from Marianne Craftables CR1241 and spent ages sticking all the ivory pearls around the edge.
Organza Ribbon and bow, and then the flowers which are from WOC and finally a little bit of star dust bling from stickles 

This Doily is called REEF 10.5" round

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Good morning folks!
Now this is a shock for you all, me posting again so soon after my previous one, i am a bit like the Buses, you wait for ages and nothing, then along come 6 at once....
This is a card i had to make for a customer, who's Son "Jeet" had just Graduated from University.
Now i know it's not perfect, but i am still trying to master Inkscape, so sometimes things are not quite geometric, and perfectly formed, but i am getting better.
I made the Easel to the size i wanted, and also the Black board (Or is it PC to call it a  Chalk board)
I am old school, and it was always called a Black board in my day.
anyway whatever it's called this is what i made, I framed the board the same on the back as the front, but left it blank so it could be written on with my super duper white pen.
and not a single flower in sight......

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Indian Wedding exploding box card

I was asked to make an exploding Box card for an Indian Wedding.
I did a bit of research regarding what colours i should use, and what theme was appropriate.
It seemed that Red, Gold and Green was the order of the day, and Flowers were also traditional at an Indian Wedding.
So this was what i came up with, and thankfully they were delighted.

Chocolate Bouquet

I want to share this beautiful creation by one of my customers (Sheila)
she made  this for her Son's Birthday as a center piece, and my goodness is it a glorious work of art.
She purchased my little Dinky Rosie Doilies, and explained to me what she had in mind, but i never imagined it would look like this.
what an extremely creative and talented lady she is, and when i say it looks too good to eat, i mean it literally.
I understand it was made with Thorntons Chocolates and Marshmallows.

If you want any info on how this awesome and tasty masterpiece was created, then get back to me and i will get the ingredients and method off Sheila for you.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hi there Folks!
Well it has been a long time since i have done my Blogging  "too much to do, so little time"
I have been busy searching the world over for some new Doilies to bring to my lovely Website and eBay customers.
As you may know i sell the biggest selection of Paper lace Doilies here in the UK.
I cater for us Crafters and try to get the prettiest paper Doilies i can find.
I am pleased to say i have managed to get some more of the 5" x 5" Square Doilies that are so popular and much sought after.
Sadly they are no longer in production, so i am thrilled that one of my USA suppliers still had some and shipped them over for me...(At a huge shipping cost and customs Tax i might add) 
I believe i am the only supplier of the 5" x 5" Square Doilies here in the UK (Lucky me)
They are on sale in my eBay store and on my Website
I also found some beautiful French lace and Cambridge lace Doilies in 3 sizes, and also some pretty 8" x 8" Square Glassine Doilies and the lovely Doily lace Borders/Trims.
Pictures below show you a few examples.
The picture with the envelope is the beautiful New Solid Glassine 8" x 8" doilies
  "Just perfect for making Envelopes" with a lovely shimmering effect in the light.
I am playing around with some cards  to show how you can use these fab new Doilies, so keep popping in for a peek.