Sunday, 10 November 2013


Hello folks!
Well i am back again after a long spell of recovering from my surgery, and things are looking very good.
It has been a roller coaster year for me.
You may have noticed long spells of inactivity here on my Blog, and i have had a few inquiries as to why there has been so little from me in the way of cards etc.
(thank you for those who have asked about me on a personal level)
well! i guess i can now let you all know that i have been successfully treated for Lung Cancer.
I am one Lung less than the average person, but I am here to tell you about it.
I am still not ready to climb mount Everest, as it's only been 8 weeks since my surgery, and i am still very sore and still cannot drive and lift stuff etc, but i am getting there.
I get very tired and still need an afternoon nap which i think is due to the extra effort it takes to breath.
The weather is causing me a lot of extra problems too, the cold damp air and the wind makes breathing quite laboured, it literally takes my breath away.
I am on a heap of medication which probably adds to making me feel sleepy, but i need them all for the pain.
I have been getting back into making stuff again,  i felt like i had to do something or i would go crazy.
I have been doing a few little bits and bobs which i have listed on my Website poppyscabin
A few new experiments instead of just the usual cards, but something i enjoy doing as well which is sewing.
I have made a few little cards using fabric, and a few hearts, i hope you like them.

feel free to buy something if you
Hugs for now ((((Helena)))))