Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Good morning folks!
Now this is a shock for you all, me posting again so soon after my previous one, i am a bit like the Buses, you wait for ages and nothing, then along come 6 at once....
This is a card i had to make for a customer, who's Son "Jeet" had just Graduated from University.
Now i know it's not perfect, but i am still trying to master Inkscape, so sometimes things are not quite geometric, and perfectly formed, but i am getting better.
I made the Easel to the size i wanted, and also the Black board (Or is it PC to call it a  Chalk board)
I am old school, and it was always called a Black board in my day.
anyway whatever it's called this is what i made, I framed the board the same on the back as the front, but left it blank so it could be written on with my super duper white pen.
and not a single flower in sight......