Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vintage / Victorian Baby Carriage

Hi Folks!
Now i know one doesn't associate dark colors with Babies, but i thought a vintage style baby Carriage wouldn't look right in the usual soft and pastel pinks.
So i took the Bull by the proverbial Horns and decided to go for a darker vintage look.
Plenty of pretty pearls and lace with delicate floral backing paper makes the carriage pop and if i say so myself would be lovely as New Baby card....Just something a little different from the norm.
It will be on sale on my eBay store later tonight, so we will see what other people think judging by the bids!
I have got some lovely new 8" square paper lace doilies arriving from Canada any day now (Customs permitting)
Have a good Weekend
(( ))

Thursday, 28 June 2012

30th wedding Anniversary card

Good morning Folks!
Today i am showing off a bit with this card.
I got some lovely new papers from DCWV and they just cried out Shabby Chic/Vintage.
I was commissioned to make a card for my Son's girlfriends Parents who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on Saturday (Congratulations to them)
I think it's the first time my Son has ever asked me to make a card for him, so i went all out on this one.
I do hate using my BEAUTIFUL PAPERS, and as all you Crafters know, they are purely to stroke and admire, and not to be used as they were intended to be (Cards and Scrapbooks)
I have a huge stash of the most glorious papers ever, and wouldn't dream of cutting into them or covering them with Photo's, totally forbidden in my opinion.
It must be true because my friend Kim agrees totally with me.
So to cut into this scrummy paper was almost a cardinal sin.
I didn't feel the need to put their names on the front, as they know who they are, and after 30 years of marriage, they also know it's their Wedding Anniversary.
I also wanted to expose as much of the paper as possible, as it is so pretty and sparkly (Shame you can't see that effect)
so i felt less was more on the front, and used as much of the paper as possible....I still have one sheet left to
Anyway i hope you like it.
(( ))

The inside

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Good morning Folks!
I thought you might like to see something that i created earlier this week.
Now i know it's a bit OTT, but these days people seem to like a lot of lace and flowers.
I wasn't sure what kind of card this would make, but Wedding or special Birthday/Graduation came to mind.
it took quite a while to make this one, due to all the individual layers of lace that i used.
I thought once i had made it that it didn't look too bad.
still sticking to my Shabby chic vintage look.
this is up for grabs on my eBay store if you are interested.
i hope that i have been answering all the questions that people have asked me, i can't seem to find a simple way of answering questions from my blog which will allow it to be posted or sent directly to the person who asked at the touch of a key, but i am doing my best.
I would appreciate any help on this matter.
(( ))