Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hi there Folks!
Well it has been a long time since i have done my Blogging  "too much to do, so little time"
I have been busy searching the world over for some new Doilies to bring to my lovely Website and eBay customers.
As you may know i sell the biggest selection of Paper lace Doilies here in the UK.
I cater for us Crafters and try to get the prettiest paper Doilies i can find.
I am pleased to say i have managed to get some more of the 5" x 5" Square Doilies that are so popular and much sought after.
Sadly they are no longer in production, so i am thrilled that one of my USA suppliers still had some and shipped them over for me...(At a huge shipping cost and customs Tax i might add) 
I believe i am the only supplier of the 5" x 5" Square Doilies here in the UK (Lucky me)
They are on sale in my eBay store and on my Website
I also found some beautiful French lace and Cambridge lace Doilies in 3 sizes, and also some pretty 8" x 8" Square Glassine Doilies and the lovely Doily lace Borders/Trims.
Pictures below show you a few examples.
The picture with the envelope is the beautiful New Solid Glassine 8" x 8" doilies
  "Just perfect for making Envelopes" with a lovely shimmering effect in the light.
I am playing around with some cards  to show how you can use these fab new Doilies, so keep popping in for a peek.