Monday, 2 May 2011

Reef at the Dartford and District Horse show

Now there is something crafty about these Pictures...Some beautiful deep green Organza Ribbon in Reef's Tail.
As some of you may know, i am passionate about animals, and i thought i would share a little of my passion with you. 
This handsome beast is one of our babies.
He is called Reef and is a young Fresian Colt (Stallion) aged almost 2 years.
He is being put through his paces at the Dartford and District Horse show on May 1st 2011(Yesterday)  by my youngest Daughter Mari.
The Green Ribbon in his tail lets people know he is a young inexperienced horse and therefore could be a bit silly and excitable.
Can you imagine how big he is going to be when he is fully grown?
Just look at that ground covering, full of Buttercups, a picture in itself.


  1. Oh Wow Helana,he is supeb!
    If I had known about it I would have come along.
    My grand daughter rides nearby at the disabled stables.
    Beautiful pic's. x

  2. Hi Helena,

    I have no horses and not the money tu buy them hehehe but I CAN see the beauty of the horse and his background.
    What a magnifiscent animal and so shiny.
    And it makes him so darling with his grren organza ribbon is his tail ...........

    Greeting from the netherlands,


  3. Wow he's gorgeous, I don't own any horses either but absolutly love them, Reef is a beauty and so glossy, he does stand proud. hugs Teresa xx