Monday, 2 May 2016

New whimsy stamp

Hi everyone.
I have been really busy getting aquainted with my new Copic pens and my new ABS
Oh boy!  are they different to my Promarkers.
I have watched so many tutorials on blending and what numbers go with what and how to get the best out of my ABS...I forgot why i bought them and to enjoy them.
anyway finally i had the courage to make a card with them.....
Now i know its not perfect, but for my first try i'm quite pleased.
I've also been messing with different types of cardstock to see which one i like best. so i think I will post a little comparison later on.
so here goes......

 I had some bleeding on the back of her dress, but nomatter how hard i tried to blend it out, it wasn't having any of it....the joy of hand made i guess.......

 I hope you like....


  1. Lovely card, what are or is ABS?

  2. Hi Sue.
    Im so sorry....I assumed peeps would know what ABS is.
    Its Air Brush System its a fantastic system designed to work with the Copic sketch pens although it works with Copic ciao and markers.
    it means that i can to some really great background colours and colour elements too.
    its not a cheap system to buy, but its great fun.if you type in Copic ABS into google you will find some good tutorials.
    have a great day.