Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vintage / Victorian Baby Carriage

Hi Folks!
Now i know one doesn't associate dark colors with Babies, but i thought a vintage style baby Carriage wouldn't look right in the usual soft and pastel pinks.
So i took the Bull by the proverbial Horns and decided to go for a darker vintage look.
Plenty of pretty pearls and lace with delicate floral backing paper makes the carriage pop and if i say so myself would be lovely as New Baby card....Just something a little different from the norm.
It will be on sale on my eBay store later tonight, so we will see what other people think judging by the bids!
I have got some lovely new 8" square paper lace doilies arriving from Canada any day now (Customs permitting)
Have a good Weekend
(( ))


  1. Personally I think it is beautiful. Also I tend to like things that are different from the norm.


  2. I really like it as you say shabby chic and it is truly gorgeous .As all your cards are!
    Wish i was good at making cards. Mine always look so amateurish and so badly made so any ideas for an older lady to try. I have a silhouette machine and die cuts etc. But my cards and never ever any good .Sorry i am going on! Your cards and espec ially this one are/is fab! Well done. I love animals too! Mary

    1. Mary, have confidence in yourself. I'm sure your cards are lovely.

  3. I love this card. Like the first comment, I too like anything "different" from the norm.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Like Mary my cards look very amateurish, compared to yours and others.
    Still we can but try.You either have the knack,or you don't !!
    Keep well.Rosie.x