Friday, 22 June 2012

Vintage or 1930's style Dress special day

Hi again Folks! 
Well i must have more time on my hands than i thought, or perhaps i have just been managing it better, either way i seem to find more time to be creative and enjoy my passion.
I made this little Topper today, and thought it would make a lovely Wedding card, but i am always aware that most Wedding day cards seems to be more for the Bride and less for the Groom.
I much prefer something that has something for the Groom as well, or keeping to tradition the "Can't go wrong Horse Shoes"
Anyway this card would also be good for a Graduation or a special Birthday like a 21st.
still keeping to my Shabby Chic Vintage theme.
I love the soft brown tones and dusky pinks of the papers, and a little bit of lace goes a long way to making anything that little bit more Shabby.
weather miserable as usual Rain and more Rain....where has our Summers gone??
Enjoy your weekend no matter what.
(( ))


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! may i ask if you made the dress yourself,or is it a die?
    keep well Rosie.x

  2. I was thinking the same thing, it is fab.

  3. ooh Sue, do you think she will tell us?

  4. Hi Hun.
    It is a download from a website called Craft Rabbit.
    there are some lovely downloads to be had.
    I just did my own thing once i had downloaded it.
    Glad you like it.
    (( ))