Saturday, 28 April 2012


Just a note to all my lovely Customers and Blog followers.
Due to the huge increase in postal charges enforced by Royal Mail i will not be getting any more of the large square 10.5" Doilies.
The postage costs have made it impractical to sell them, as the package costs have increased from £1.96 to a massive £2.70
package costs were dependent on the weight from up to100 grams to 250grams, 500grams and 750 grams.
each weight had a different price.
Now they are all the same from 0 to 750grams at one high price.
The doilies weigh 120 grams but now you pay the same price as a 750 grams package.
Not good for us Crafters who often buy large items which weigh very little.
12 x 12 papers, Cutting mats for our Cricut machines, wooden mounted stamps and 1000's of other Crafting goodies will now be so expensive to buy online due to this new crazy postage charges.
Even a Tiny wooden mounted stamp will now cost £2.70 to post excluding packaging.
I have quite a few in stock of the 10.5" square Doilies, but will not be getting any more once they have gone.
In fact any of my Doilies which will need to be posted as a package will not be available once my stock has gone.
so if you want the 10.5 inch square Doilies, you had best get them while stocks last.

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