Friday, 9 March 2012

Chelsea Footie Card

Now you have heard me mention my very talented friend Kim and how good she is at making cards for the male population, well here is one that she made for a customer who is a Chelsea Fan.
it's an Easel card and so much work has gone into it.
Just look at those little footballs and footie boots, i happen to know that she stamps, colours, cuts and triple embosses them to make them look like epoxy.
I am also going to add a picture from her son Luke who made me this get well card.....Hmmm!  from the look on my face i think i was worse than i thought.
Love you Luke x

The big brown blob in the middle  according to the gospel of Luke, is in fact a Doggie doodo, which one of my 3 dogs produced.
when i find out which one did it, i shall have serious words...Thank you Luke for bringing this to my attention......we all need a little humor in our lives and this certainly made me smile.

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  1. how funny and lovely is this! true innocent creations are the your blog but not sure how to sign in, sorry, L.P.X