Friday, 10 February 2012


Now, Forgive the overkill on this one, but i have done this purely for demonstration purposes only.
I have been asked so many times... How do you use Doilies on a card? and what can you do with them other than stick them on?
So here is a little demonstration of what and how.
I have taken a plain 8" x 8" card and used a 6.5" round Doily.
I used the Doily as a stencil and using a distress ink pad and a cotton ball, dabbed the ink which has given the lovely mottle effect.
I also used distress ink to colour the edges of the Doily and the rose pattern.
I cut the center of a doily out and flattened it to use it as a lace border trim on the bottom of the card.
On the right hand corner i again used part of the doily as a stencil and glittered it, and on the left side i heat embossed a part of the Doily in gold to look like a metal corner.
The center Doily is coloured using my Distress inks and stickled with gold  following the embossed design on the Doily.
I will add a few more Idea's later on, but this was a quickie to demonstrate a few ways to use Doilies on your cards.

Above is a Doily that has been heat embossed in Silver, you still have all the fine detail.

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