Saturday, 16 July 2011

Christening cards

Hi Folks!
What a dreadful day it's been today, rain, rain and more rain.
I am thinking of my poor Daughter and her friends camping this weekend in the Cotswolds....swimming more
Anyway i thought i would share these two commision cards with you today.
A bit odd to say the least, but i was asked to make 2 Christening cards, one for an adult and one for a 7 year old.

The theme was pink and pearly, and the child likes Princesses......Hmmm!
 what little girl doesn't?
But for a Christening???
Anyway i came up with a LOTV christmas Angel praying and disguised the Holly head garland with Roses and coloured her in pink.
The adult one was a bit simpler, with a Cross.
The purchaser was delighted, so i must have done something right.

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  1. Hi Helen - couldn't find another way to contact you - so i'm saying thanks for spotting my error regards my doily order and fixing it - its very kind and honest of you :) Much appreciated. Paul x