Saturday, 6 July 2013

Indian Wedding exploding box card

I was asked to make an exploding Box card for an Indian Wedding.
I did a bit of research regarding what colours i should use, and what theme was appropriate.
It seemed that Red, Gold and Green was the order of the day, and Flowers were also traditional at an Indian Wedding.
So this was what i came up with, and thankfully they were delighted.

Chocolate Bouquet

I want to share this beautiful creation by one of my customers (Sheila)
she made  this for her Son's Birthday as a center piece, and my goodness is it a glorious work of art.
She purchased my little Dinky Rosie Doilies, and explained to me what she had in mind, but i never imagined it would look like this.
what an extremely creative and talented lady she is, and when i say it looks too good to eat, i mean it literally.
I understand it was made with Thorntons Chocolates and Marshmallows.

If you want any info on how this awesome and tasty masterpiece was created, then get back to me and i will get the ingredients and method off Sheila for you.