Monday, 16 July 2012

All my lovely followers

To all my lovely followers...
Please forgive me for writing this in such a public way, but i still can't seem to find out how to answer your questions either privately or by a small post....i will get there eventually.
I am so sad to read that some of you feel that your efforts in Card making are less than you would like them to be, or that mine make you feel that yours are rubbish and amateurish.
we are all guilty of putting ourselves down and criticizing our work in a very negative way.
most of the time we are unjust, as other people find our work to be more than just OKish, they actually think it is lovely and would be more than happy to own one of our masterpieces.
If you enjoy what you do and find relaxation and quiet calm in creating something, then surely the end result has to be something worth more than a comparison.
I am so critical of my work, i often look at the end result and think "what a load of tot" the person i have made that for will hate it....truthfully they love it and come back time after time for more.
I notice every little mistake, a bit lopsided, the glue showing through the flowers don't match, the paper is so wrong, my colouring is not perfect and so on.
but when i present my complete disaster, the recipient is more than delighted and can't wait for my next disaster.
Who am I to decide whether or not the recipient of one of my cards will love it or hate it, I am not a mind reader, and have no rights to make their choices.
after all thank goodness we all like different things.
Selling card toppers on eBay has taught me that what i think is really nice and will sell well, isn't how someone else feels about it, it didn't do well at all and the topper i hated gets the highest bids.
Please don't put yourselves down so readily.
 Mary i am sure your cards are worth more than you think to other people, and they are probably delighted that  they own such a unique hand made card.
they know how much effort you have made and how much time you have spent to make something special for them.
Sorry to harp on a bit, but thank goodness we all do something different and make our cards in our own unique way, wouldn't it be boring if we all did the same thing.
Be positive and enjoy what you create, after all crafting is meant to be a pleasure not a curse.
I would love to see some of your creations, so if you can spare a minute or two, send me a picture, i would really love to see what you have created.
email me
Hugs to you all, and keep on crafting no matter what..... I am happy to offer advice and encouragement if you need it.,,,,which i seriously doubt