Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Good morning Folks!
I thought you might like to see something that i created earlier this week.
Now i know it's a bit OTT, but these days people seem to like a lot of lace and flowers.
I wasn't sure what kind of card this would make, but Wedding or special Birthday/Graduation came to mind.
it took quite a while to make this one, due to all the individual layers of lace that i used.
I thought once i had made it that it didn't look too bad.
still sticking to my Shabby chic vintage look.
this is up for grabs on my eBay store if you are interested.
i hope that i have been answering all the questions that people have asked me, i can't seem to find a simple way of answering questions from my blog which will allow it to be posted or sent directly to the person who asked at the touch of a key, but i am doing my best.
I would appreciate any help on this matter.
(( ))

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