Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hi there Folks!
Well i decided to get some of my mounting stash of dies out this morning and had a little play.
i wasn't sure what i was going to make if anything at all, but little by little and die by die i came up with this little card.
It's amazing what you can turn out just by cutting a few dies and seeing how they look together.
At first i was just going to cut a few flowers out of some bits of scrap card i had on my work station, (just to have a few on hand when needed)  but then i got a bit carried away.
This little card was really simple to put together, and for all my lovely followers who put themselves down and say that their cards are rubbish etc etc. please be assured that there is no real Art in putting a card like this together.
All i did was cut out the dies and arrange them on a card which i had used a die to fancy up.
a few dots of liquid pearls and a few pearls and a bit of my TH distress inks and that is it basically.
I didn't sit here for hours colouring in and faffing about with pencils and shading etc.
I didn't faff about trying to find the right backing papers and lace nor did i have to carefully trim and measure anything.
YOU can do it too!!!!
Hugs to you all, and never stop trying, I will always help you where i can.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi Folks!!
Well it appears that a month has passed without me adding to my much to little time.
I have been decorating my House this past few weeks, and so the Houses that i have to show you today are in keeping with the whole decorating thing....
These are a pleasure to play with, they are Marrianne dies and come in 3 different styles.
I have to say i had a lot of trouble with the Cottage, and sent it back, but sadly the replacement was no better, so i am giving up on that one.
they are quite large which makes decorating them quite easy, expensive too for dies at over £20 each.
so to get all 3 of them it will set you back over £60
anyway enough of my moaning....
I hope you like them.
Hugs for now.