Sunday, 12 June 2011

Paper lace Doily Envelope

Good morning everyone!
A very wet and gloomy day here in the SE of England it is too, but hopefully my little photo demo will cheer you up and give you some inspiration.
I have been asked by quite a few people to give instructions on how to make the Doily Envelope.
I personally find that doing it with Photo's helps, because you can see step by step what it should look like.
I am not very good with the Camcorder and wouldn't know where to begin to make a Video, so i have done what i know i can manage without breaking anything, or messing up settings.
So here we go!
To make a 16cm x 12cm Envelope
1 x 8" Doily Square from my eBay store or Website
1 sheet of A4 card (Coloured)
Double sided tape (Thin)
Prittstick or Tombow glue
 Cut the card 21cm Square (The width of an A4 sheet is the right size)
Glue your 8" Doily to the card leaving an equal space all round, but DO NOT glue to the edge, leave 1cm around the edges of the Doily

 Fold the card using a ruler as a guide at the front on the dotted inner square and this will leave a score mark on the back which you will then fold in the opposite direction.

Now fold the two sides so that the Doily pattern meets on the back

 Once you have folded the card into an envelope shape, you will notice that you have a small overlap at all 4 corners, cut the triangle shape out as picture above.
 Pull back the outer edge of the doily and add your double sided tape as above, then stick it down. the card is larger than the doily so acts as the overlap to stick it down.
 The outer edge of the doily should be sticking up and when glued should match up with the opposite side hiding the join.

 The Picture above shows how it would look if you glue the doily right to the edge and do not lift the edges of the Doily
 Follow the same steps with the tape on the other side and it should look like the above.

 Here is the finished Doily Envelope from the back
 Here is the Doily from the front.
Here is the Doily Envelope with my earlier demo for the little paper lace Doily Parasol.
I hope you can all follow my instructions and will enjoy making a pretty paper lace envelope for that special person or occasion.
Hugs x


  1. Crochet Lace and cards.Two things that go so well together:)That is a great idea. I'll try and make them in other colors too..

  2. How big of a card can you put in if you use this size of paper and doily?

  3. The size of card you can put in is a regular A6 size card.