Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hi there Folks!
What a horrible wet few days we have had, but a great opportunity to get some serious crafting done.
I have been pretty busy making Toppers and Cards, but broke off to do another tutorial for you as i have been asked so many times how to make the Doily envelopes.
This time round i have done lots of photo's and clear instructions on how to make them.
If you have any probs please let me know and i will help where i can.
so here goes....
First you need 1x  8" x 8" square Doily available from my eBay store or my Website.
and a sheet of coloured paper cut to 19.5cm square.
I used a corner punch to round off the corners of my paper.
Lay the sheet of paper over the Doily to make sure it fits neatly about 1/4 cm inside the Doily.
On the reverse side of the Doily i used a spray adhesive and gave it a light spray to make the Doily nice and tacky and then layed my paper onto the Doily and pressed it down firmly.
The next step is to fold the Doily and paper.
 As you can see from the above picture i have made the creases and added some double sided tape to the side flaps the tape should be on the inner side of the flaps.
sellotape will do the job just as well.
DO NOT remove the backing from the double sided tape as it will stick closed if you do.
 Next you fold the flaps back into place and the tape or sellotape will keep them closed in place.

then you simply pop your card, Invitation or letter into the envelope and hey presto! you have a really pretty lace envelope.
I used a piece of double sided tape to seal my envelope closed.
 Above is the envelope closed from the back
 Above is the Envelope from the front
I used a sticky label to put my address on.
I hope that i have explained everything easily enough for you all....Happy Envelope making.


  1. Hi Helena, wow how pretty that looks!! thanks for the tip!

  2. What size card goes into the envelope? I am making my wedding invites and want to do this for the inner envelope, but don't know whether to buy 8" or 10" doilies (I can't find 9")

  3. Thank you so much for this info! I was already thinking of making envelopes out of paper doilies for a gift project I'm working on for my mom, and this just seals the deal! Sooo lovely!