Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas carol

Hi Folks!
Oh! my goodness there is only a few weeks to Christmas left, and guess who is still frantically tryng to get Christmas cards made...
I hope you like this little one, it's a LOTV card again...i do love thier images.
This one i think has a very victorian feel about it.
Although i love the soft pastel colours, i do still like the traditional Christmas colours, Reds and Greens.
so here is one I made for a Customer...Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Birthday card "Relax"

Here is a Birthday card again using the LOTV  "Lazy afternoon" which is another favourite of mine.
It is for a 70th Birthday card for a Hindu male, and of course sparkle is essential.
I am told that flowers are perfectly acceptable for men in the Hindu community, but i have yet to bring myself to put flowers on a man's card.
The papers are from a Brenda Walton scrap pad, gold stickles, the lovely corners are from WOC Buttons from my stash and the gorgeous ribbon is from my local sewing shop and the sentiment is printed off my printer and cut from a spellbinders die.

Christmas is coming "Christmas candle"

Good morning folks!
This morning sees the first flutterings of Snow here in the South of England, and i must admit it always brings a smile to my face.
I do love Snow, but then i don't have to go out in it, I sit and admire it from the warmth of my cosy craft room.
Today i want to show you a few cards made this week.
I know it's a shock for you as i usually leave it weeks before i post new stuff, but i am definitely on a roll at the mo.
As you must know by now i love the LOTV stamps and images, so here are a few for you.
they can be purchased from LOTV website.
I am also criticized for not giving enough info on what i have used to make my cards, so i am now adding more info and links to help you find the ingredients. 

The Image is called "Christmas candle" the pink Poinsettia's are from my stash smothered with Twinklits to give a frosty effect.

I have used some Magnolia papers and Crystal stems, the Mulberry roses and Organza ribbon are from WOC

I used Twinklits to give a snow flake effect and also on the hood of the coat.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy Sunday Folks!
Well although i don't seem to put many cards up on my Blog on a regular basis, i do try to make up for lost time......a whole batch at a time.
I have been making a few cards over the past few weeks, due to me having to take things a bit easier for health reasons i force myself to put work second and me first.
What better way of chilling out than to play with all my stress free and so relaxing.
I have a few cards to share with you today, the Wedding card is a commission for a Christmas Wedding, so i have added lots of sparkle and some lovely Magnolia crystals as well as Magnolia papers, lace and of course the all time favourite LOTV Wedding day couple.
The inside matches the outside too, so it looks  pretty good i think.
I hope it has a wintery feel about it, as that was the idea i had.
The other cards are just because!! and a variety of Embossing folders and LOTV images.
I decided i had to make more use of my lovely Prismacolor pencils and my Promarkers, so i got them out and dusted off the cobwebs.
I hope you like them...

The front of the 8" x 8" square Wedding card

A close up of the flowers etc

The bottom closer up

the adorable image close up

Just look at those lovely crystals

sideways view of the inside...not sure what went wrong when loading this one

Oops! don't know what happened to the the two upper ones...sorry!!
I just love this image

Embossing folder layered

Such a pretty image

perfect for all the men folks

I loved colouring this one

Embossing folders and dies
Great for any little boy

It's that cutie again

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just another Quickie....
My dear friend Kim is about to start her own Blog.
She is a fab Card maker and all round Crafter, with some pretty unique and interesting stuff.
She is well into Altered art and Steam Punk.
I think i have had a few of her cards here on my Blog.
anyway her Blog is called "My friend Kim" so once she has mastered her Blog, go and have a will not be disappointed!!!
I will be putting a Link to her goodies on my Blog when she is up and running, so keep your eyes peeled...

Hello Folks! 
It's been quite a while since my last post, as i have been so busy dealing with my website and eBay stores.
I am of course happy to report that things have been very busy indeed, but alas it leaves little time to play.
anyway i thought i would share a few cards that i have made recently.
I have switched over to Embossing folders for a change, as there have been some really interesting ones out there of late.
it's nice to see some larger ones on the market instead of the little A6 size. it means that we can finally make up some nice 8x8 cards with them without the design looking completely lost.
so anyway below are some of my creations, plain and simple, yet i think they look quite pretty and worthy of sending them to someone without feeling embarrassed.
I haven't added any sentiments as i am not sure what to use them for yet.
the first one could be for a Wedding or a Sympathy card, so i will wait until an event comes along.
as usual if you want any info on the cards, drop me a line.
I have done quite a few to make up for lost time......
Have a great week.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pretty festive party dress forms

Hello there Folks!
Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but i am sure you know how time flies when you are so busy.
I thought i would share a little creation of mine using the TH dress form die.
I must admit i love this Die so much, you can do so much with it, and it reminds of when i was young and we use to get a weekly magazine with a die cut girl and some outfits that you could swap and you remember them?
they had little tags which you bent around the model...back in the 70s i think.
anyway the TH die reminds of of that, but now you can make your own outfits.
I used a lovely Mulberry paper and stickles and added some ribbon and die cut Holly and some pearls to make these.
Hope you like them.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hi Folks!
Just sharing a little Topper i made this week.
I just love this beautiful image of Nikita, she is just so sweet and i think she makes a lovely center piece for a Christmas card.
the quiet pale grey and blue just makes me think of foggy misty winter mornings.
I managed to find some really pale grey and blue shimmer card, which matched up with the image perfectly.
Once again i have used a selection of dies from my ever growing stash, my TH distress inks, and some lovely lace and ribbon just to make it pop a little.
I hope you like her as much as i do.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hi there Folks!
Well i decided to get some of my mounting stash of dies out this morning and had a little play.
i wasn't sure what i was going to make if anything at all, but little by little and die by die i came up with this little card.
It's amazing what you can turn out just by cutting a few dies and seeing how they look together.
At first i was just going to cut a few flowers out of some bits of scrap card i had on my work station, (just to have a few on hand when needed)  but then i got a bit carried away.
This little card was really simple to put together, and for all my lovely followers who put themselves down and say that their cards are rubbish etc etc. please be assured that there is no real Art in putting a card like this together.
All i did was cut out the dies and arrange them on a card which i had used a die to fancy up.
a few dots of liquid pearls and a few pearls and a bit of my TH distress inks and that is it basically.
I didn't sit here for hours colouring in and faffing about with pencils and shading etc.
I didn't faff about trying to find the right backing papers and lace nor did i have to carefully trim and measure anything.
YOU can do it too!!!!
Hugs to you all, and never stop trying, I will always help you where i can.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi Folks!!
Well it appears that a month has passed without me adding to my much to little time.
I have been decorating my House this past few weeks, and so the Houses that i have to show you today are in keeping with the whole decorating thing....
These are a pleasure to play with, they are Marrianne dies and come in 3 different styles.
I have to say i had a lot of trouble with the Cottage, and sent it back, but sadly the replacement was no better, so i am giving up on that one.
they are quite large which makes decorating them quite easy, expensive too for dies at over £20 each.
so to get all 3 of them it will set you back over £60
anyway enough of my moaning....
I hope you like them.
Hugs for now.

Monday, 16 July 2012

All my lovely followers

To all my lovely followers...
Please forgive me for writing this in such a public way, but i still can't seem to find out how to answer your questions either privately or by a small post....i will get there eventually.
I am so sad to read that some of you feel that your efforts in Card making are less than you would like them to be, or that mine make you feel that yours are rubbish and amateurish.
we are all guilty of putting ourselves down and criticizing our work in a very negative way.
most of the time we are unjust, as other people find our work to be more than just OKish, they actually think it is lovely and would be more than happy to own one of our masterpieces.
If you enjoy what you do and find relaxation and quiet calm in creating something, then surely the end result has to be something worth more than a comparison.
I am so critical of my work, i often look at the end result and think "what a load of tot" the person i have made that for will hate it....truthfully they love it and come back time after time for more.
I notice every little mistake, a bit lopsided, the glue showing through the flowers don't match, the paper is so wrong, my colouring is not perfect and so on.
but when i present my complete disaster, the recipient is more than delighted and can't wait for my next disaster.
Who am I to decide whether or not the recipient of one of my cards will love it or hate it, I am not a mind reader, and have no rights to make their choices.
after all thank goodness we all like different things.
Selling card toppers on eBay has taught me that what i think is really nice and will sell well, isn't how someone else feels about it, it didn't do well at all and the topper i hated gets the highest bids.
Please don't put yourselves down so readily.
 Mary i am sure your cards are worth more than you think to other people, and they are probably delighted that  they own such a unique hand made card.
they know how much effort you have made and how much time you have spent to make something special for them.
Sorry to harp on a bit, but thank goodness we all do something different and make our cards in our own unique way, wouldn't it be boring if we all did the same thing.
Be positive and enjoy what you create, after all crafting is meant to be a pleasure not a curse.
I would love to see some of your creations, so if you can spare a minute or two, send me a picture, i would really love to see what you have created.
email me
Hugs to you all, and keep on crafting no matter what..... I am happy to offer advice and encouragement if you need it.,,,,which i seriously doubt

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vintage / Victorian Baby Carriage

Hi Folks!
Now i know one doesn't associate dark colors with Babies, but i thought a vintage style baby Carriage wouldn't look right in the usual soft and pastel pinks.
So i took the Bull by the proverbial Horns and decided to go for a darker vintage look.
Plenty of pretty pearls and lace with delicate floral backing paper makes the carriage pop and if i say so myself would be lovely as New Baby card....Just something a little different from the norm.
It will be on sale on my eBay store later tonight, so we will see what other people think judging by the bids!
I have got some lovely new 8" square paper lace doilies arriving from Canada any day now (Customs permitting)
Have a good Weekend
(( ))

Thursday, 28 June 2012

30th wedding Anniversary card

Good morning Folks!
Today i am showing off a bit with this card.
I got some lovely new papers from DCWV and they just cried out Shabby Chic/Vintage.
I was commissioned to make a card for my Son's girlfriends Parents who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on Saturday (Congratulations to them)
I think it's the first time my Son has ever asked me to make a card for him, so i went all out on this one.
I do hate using my BEAUTIFUL PAPERS, and as all you Crafters know, they are purely to stroke and admire, and not to be used as they were intended to be (Cards and Scrapbooks)
I have a huge stash of the most glorious papers ever, and wouldn't dream of cutting into them or covering them with Photo's, totally forbidden in my opinion.
It must be true because my friend Kim agrees totally with me.
So to cut into this scrummy paper was almost a cardinal sin.
I didn't feel the need to put their names on the front, as they know who they are, and after 30 years of marriage, they also know it's their Wedding Anniversary.
I also wanted to expose as much of the paper as possible, as it is so pretty and sparkly (Shame you can't see that effect)
so i felt less was more on the front, and used as much of the paper as possible....I still have one sheet left to
Anyway i hope you like it.
(( ))

The inside

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Good morning Folks!
I thought you might like to see something that i created earlier this week.
Now i know it's a bit OTT, but these days people seem to like a lot of lace and flowers.
I wasn't sure what kind of card this would make, but Wedding or special Birthday/Graduation came to mind.
it took quite a while to make this one, due to all the individual layers of lace that i used.
I thought once i had made it that it didn't look too bad.
still sticking to my Shabby chic vintage look.
this is up for grabs on my eBay store if you are interested.
i hope that i have been answering all the questions that people have asked me, i can't seem to find a simple way of answering questions from my blog which will allow it to be posted or sent directly to the person who asked at the touch of a key, but i am doing my best.
I would appreciate any help on this matter.
(( ))

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Now this is something I have never done before, and totally out of my comfort zone, but when i saw this Betty Boop image i just saw RED...Literally..
layered with loads of sparkling Red glitter card and flowers and just a dash of feather, i thought it looked quite sexy.
Not my Shabby Chic/Vintage/ get my drift, but considering i have never done anything quite so Hmmmmm! before, i think she looks ok.
always happy to hear from you probably more so for this she OTT?
Hugs (( ))

Friday, 22 June 2012

Vintage or 1930's style Dress special day

Hi again Folks! 
Well i must have more time on my hands than i thought, or perhaps i have just been managing it better, either way i seem to find more time to be creative and enjoy my passion.
I made this little Topper today, and thought it would make a lovely Wedding card, but i am always aware that most Wedding day cards seems to be more for the Bride and less for the Groom.
I much prefer something that has something for the Groom as well, or keeping to tradition the "Can't go wrong Horse Shoes"
Anyway this card would also be good for a Graduation or a special Birthday like a 21st.
still keeping to my Shabby Chic Vintage theme.
I love the soft brown tones and dusky pinks of the papers, and a little bit of lace goes a long way to making anything that little bit more Shabby.
weather miserable as usual Rain and more Rain....where has our Summers gone??
Enjoy your weekend no matter what.
(( ))